Spanish Word of the Day
November 2017
November 23rd horario,  schedule
November 22nd carencia,  shortage
November 21st charla,  chat
November 20th pared,  wall
November 19th barraca,  hut; booth
November 18th decepcionar,  to disappoint
November 17th apagar,  to turn off; to extinguish
November 16th prestar,  to lend
November 15th patrón,  boss
November 14th mensaje,  message
November 13th remitir,  to send; to subside
November 12th í©xito,  success, hit
November 11th rebaja,  reduction; discount
November 10th almorzar,  to have lunch
November 09th bosque,  woods
November 08th estadounidense,  American
November 07th burgués,  bourgeois
November 06th sonreír,  to smile
November 05th probar,  to prove; to test
November 04th gastar,  to spend; to consume
November 03rd botón,  button
November 02nd mito,  myth, legend
November 01st represa,  dam
October 2017
October 31st disculpar,  to excuse
October 30th orilla,  border; shore
October 29th desamparo,  abandonment
October 28th rengo,  lame
October 27th rostro,  face
October 26th renombre,  renown
October 25th hallar,  find, discover
October 24th pertenecer,  to belong
October 23rd tentar,  to feel; to test; to tempt
October 22nd sepulcral,  sepulchral; gloomy
October 21st papa,  potato
October 20th apuesta,  bet
October 19th disquera,  record label
October 18th imprimir,  to print
October 17th abarrotes,  groceries
October 16th algodón,  cotton
October 15th consulta,  consultation
October 14th loma,  hill
October 13th estanque,  pool; tank
October 12th onion,  cebolla
October 11th brotar,  to bud, to sprout
October 10th ,  available
October 09th ortografí­a,  spelling
October 08th plata,  silver; money
October 07th apartado,  section
October 06th ajado,  worn
October 05th solucionar,  to solve
October 04th crocante,  crunchy
October 03rd ganado,  livestock
October 02nd ,  true; genuine
October 01st proceso,  process; trial
September 2017
September 30th aviso,  notice
September 29th sobrevivir,  to survive
September 28th apuesto,  elegant
September 27th delito,  crime
September 26th contador,  accountant
September 25th freno,  brake
September 24th retiro,  retirement; withdrawal
September 23rd martirio,  martyrdom; ordeal
September 22nd arroyo,  brook
September 21st gemir,  to moan
September 20th contagiar,  to infect
September 19th nomás,  only, just
September 18th franco,  frank; clear; free
September 17th tejido,  fabric
September 16th feliz,  happy
September 15th goloso,  fond of sweets
September 14th disfrazar,  to disguise
September 13th rama,  branch
September 12th injusto,  unfair
September 11th patíético,  pathetic
September 10th remitir,  to send
September 09th esfumar,  to soften
September 08th amistoso,  friendly
September 07th destello,  flash
September 06th sobresaliente,  outstanding, noteworthy
September 05th forjar,  to forge; to create
September 04th proyecto,  plan
September 03rd desear,  to wish
September 02nd opuesto,  opposite
September 01st castaño,  brown
August 2017
August 31st telón,  curtain
August 30th quizá,  perhaps
August 29th imprescindible,  essential
August 28th ,  oral
August 27th ,  couple; mate
August 26th temerario,  reckless, rash
August 25th manteca,  lard; butter
August 24th lanzar,  to throw
August 23rd asunto,  affair; business
August 22nd reflexionar,  to reflect
August 21st ,  scenery, landscape
August 20th prometer,  to promise
August 19th sor,  Sister
August 18th solucionar,  to solve
August 17th equiparar,  to make equal
August 16th aportar,  to contribute
August 15th ausente,  absent
August 14th calificación,  grade; score
August 13th trigo,  wheat
August 12th sugerencia,  suggestion
August 11th hip,  cardera
August 10th portafolio,  briefcase
August 09th zaguán,  front hall
August 08th latón,  brass
August 07th sumiso,  submissive
August 06th garganta,  throat; neck
August 05th medida,  measure; prudence
August 04th predicar,  to preach
August 03rd raí­z,  root; source
August 02nd fallar,  to fail; to rule
August 01st aprovechar,  to take advantage of
July 2017
July 31st apoyo,  support
July 30th obrero,  working
July 29th polvo,  dust; powder
July 28th pensamiento,  thought
July 27th armario,  closet
July 26th nombrar,  to appoint
July 25th huelga,  strike
July 24th estacionamiento,  parking
July 23rd enojado,  annoyed; angry
July 22nd espacio,  space, room, period, length
July 21st viajero,  traveler
July 20th plátano,  banana; plantain
July 19th cuenco,  bowl
July 18th recoger,  to gather; to pick up
July 17th abrazo,  hug
July 16th sótano,  basement
July 15th aplazar,  to postpone
July 14th retrato,  depiction
July 13th repartir,  to allocate
July 12th vaciar,  to empty
July 11th jarra,  pitcher; mug
July 10th sartén,  frying pan
July 09th lisonja,  flattery
July 08th medir,  to measure
July 07th impresión,  printing; feeling
July 06th alborada,  dawn
July 05th secundaria,  high school
July 04th secundaria,  high school
July 03rd pañuelo,  handkerchief
July 02nd chaqueta,  jacket
July 01st incidente,  incident
June 2017
June 30th boda,  wedding
June 29th pala,  shovel; blade
June 28th ,  dwelling, abode
June 27th respuesta,  respuesta
June 26th tumbar,  to knock down
June 25th espada,  sword
June 24th ,  in agreement
June 23rd ,  garbage
June 22nd mojado,  wet
June 21st paisaje,  scenery
June 20th surgir,  to rise
June 19th rechazar,  to reject
June 18th coraje,  valor
June 17th sombra,  shadow
June 16th abrigo,  coat
June 15th champiñón,  mushroom
June 14th mariposa,  butterfly
June 13th teatro,  theater
June 12th deuda,  debt
June 11th mirada,  look
June 10th asado,  roasted
June 09th bola,  ball
June 08th duración,  duration
June 07th apio,  celery
June 06th salto,  jump
June 05th pobreza,  poverty
June 04th atraer,  to attract
June 03rd respeto,  respect
June 02nd estornudar,  to sneeze
June 01st venenoso,  poisonous
May 2017
May 31st fiable,  trustworthy
May 30th inversión,  inversion; investment
May 29th actitud,  attitude; posture
May 28th jugo,  juice; substance
May 27th botana,  snack
May 26th averiguar,  to investigate
May 25th crecer,  to grow
May 24th ola,  wave
May 23rd ingreso,  entrance; admission
May 22nd caricia,  caress
May 21st proponer,  to propose
May 20th impresionante,  impressive
May 19th marisco,  shellfish
May 18th espejo,  mirror
May 17th mostrar,  to show
May 16th idioma,  language
May 15th translator,  traductor
May 14th chofer,  driver
May 13th buitre,  vulture
May 12th monopatí­n,  scooter; skateboard
May 11th destacar,  to stand out
May 10th imperio,  empire
May 09th enseñar,  to teach
May 08th ferrocarril,  railroad
May 07th feo,  ugly
May 06th bloqueo,  obstruction
May 05th ensenada,  cove
May 04th dibujante,  draftsman; cartoonist
May 03rd norma,  rule; standard
May 02nd terco,  stubborn
May 01st peludo,  hairy
April 2017
April 30th ,  easy
April 29th costumbre,  custom; habit
April 28th oración,  prayer
April 27th estí©tica,  aesthetics
April 26th pelirroja,  redheaded
April 25th depresión,  depression; hollow
April 24th perezoso,  lazy
April 23rd agujero,  hole
April 22nd permanecer,  to remain
April 21st mareado,  dizzy; queasy
April 20th dato,  fact
April 19th ensueño,  daydream
April 18th viento,  wind
April 17th teclado,  keyboard
April 16th ,  barbecue
April 15th ladrón,  robber, thief
April 14th menudo,  minute, small
April 13th asimismo,  likewise
April 12th tapar,  to cover
April 11th hipoteca,  mortgage
April 10th valioso,  valuable
April 09th osadí­a,  boldness; audacity
April 08th solicitante,  applicant
April 07th oposición,  opposition
April 06th dictadura,  dictatorship
April 05th colar,  to strain
April 04th acontecimiento,  event
April 03rd explorador,  explorer
April 02nd plazo,  term; installment
April 01st pepita,  seed
March 2017
March 31st arroba,  at sign
March 30th cacahuate,  peanut
March 29th emprender ,  to undertake
March 28th vecino,  neighbor
March 27th sudar,  to sweat
March 26th loma,  hill
March 25th ,  guest
March 24th fear,  miedo
March 23rd contestar,  to answer
March 22nd tras,  after; behind
March 21st denuncia,  denunciation; police report
March 20th sortilegio,  spell; sorcery
March 19th afecto,  affection
March 18th heredar,  to inherit
March 17th hornear,  to bake
March 16th pugna,  conflict
March 15th compartir,  to share
March 14th añadir,  to add
March 13th cotización,  market price
March 12th alquilar,  to rent
March 11th cí©dula,  document
March 10th tambor,  drum
March 09th estudioso,  studious
March 08th ventajoso,  advantageous
March 07th narrativa,  narrative, story
March 06th fijo,  firm; permament
March 05th negar,  to deny
March 04th rumbo,  direction
March 03rd gerencia,  management
March 02nd código,  code
March 01st boricua,  Puerto Rican
February 2017
February 28th pulmón,  lung
February 27th captar,  to catch
February 26th ganancia,  profit
February 25th rubio,  blond
February 24th traductor,  translator
February 23rd plegaria,  prayer
February 22nd escoger,  to choose
February 21st nombrado,  famous
February 20th delantal,  apron
February 19th sabor,  flavor
February 18th aldea,  village
February 17th remolacha,  beet
February 16th riesgo,  risk
February 15th contratiempo,  mishap
February 14th indagación,  investigation
February 13th cadera,  hip
February 12th otorgar,  to grant; to draw up
February 11th vaquero,  cowboy
February 10th chichón,  bump
February 09th poderoso,  powerful
February 08th tratado,  treatise
February 07th supletorio,  additional
February 06th temporada,  season, time
February 05th exitoso,  successful
February 04th cautivar,  to captivate
February 03rd alfiler,  pin; brooch
February 02nd zalamería,  flattery
February 01st encuesta,  inquiry; survey
January 2017
January 31st poso,  dregs; grounds
January 30th hijastro,  stepson
January 29th amanecer,  daybreak
January 28th derrota,  defeat
January 27th empujar,  to push, to shove
January 26th vencer,  to vanquish, overcome, win
January 25th desolado,  desolate; devastated
January 24th devolver,  to return; to pay back
January 23rd cavar,  to dig
January 22nd ojalá,  I hope so!
January 21st alejar,  to remove; to alienate
January 20th moneda,  coin; money
January 19th parecido,  similar
January 18th despertar,  to wake up
January 17th hierba,  herb, grass
January 16th ola,  wave
January 15th ,  enraged; rabid
January 14th neoyorquino,  of New York
January 13th granada,  pomegranate; grenade
January 12th aprendizaje,  apprenticeship
January 11th efectivo,  cash
January 10th mayoría,  majority
January 09th niñez,  childhood
January 08th flojo,  loose; weak; lazy
January 07th repentino,  sudden
January 06th deseo,  wish
January 05th toronja,  grapefruit
January 04th rodilla,  knee
January 03rd pronóstico,  forecast; prognosis
January 02nd enlace,  link; liaison
January 01st afán,  eagerness; effort
December 2016
December 31st inmobiliario,  real estate
December 30th cuadra,  city block; stable
December 29th escaso,  scarce
December 28th bolera,  bowling alley
December 27th maldito,  cursed; wicked
December 26th humilde,  humble
December 25th creencia,  belief
December 24th ambiente,  atmosphere
December 23rd sonrisa,  smile
December 22nd festejar,  to celebrate
December 21st selva,  woods; jungle
December 20th estrepitoso,  clamorous
December 19th acceder,  to agree to, to assume
December 18th orgullo,  pride
December 17th verí­dico,  true
December 16th pariente,  relative
December 15th entretenimiento,  entertainment
December 14th melocotón,  peach
December 13th divertido,  funny; entertaining
December 12th cotidiano,  daily
December 11th cuadrado,  square
December 10th lograr,  to get; to achieve
December 09th dotación,  funding; staff
December 08th estacionar,  to place; to park
December 07th seguidor,  follower
December 06th celoso,  jealous
December 05th deber,  to owe
December 04th entorno,  surroundings
December 03rd comití©,  committee
December 02nd vergí¼enza,  disgrass; embarassment
December 01st folleto,  pamphlet
November 2016
November 30th estancia,  stay; ranch
November 29th vuelo,  flight
November 28th equipo,  team
November 27th secuencia,  sequence
November 26th ortografí­a,  spelling
November 25th pasillo,  hallway
November 24th licenciado,  graduate; lawyer