Spanish Word of the Day
July 2019
July 19th antifaz,  mask
July 18th fallar,  to fail; to rule
July 17th ajado,  shabby; wrinkled
July 16th lenteja,  lentil
July 15th plazo,  term; installment
July 14th idóneo,  suitable
July 13th pudor,  modesty
July 12th vacuna,  vaccine
July 11th docena,  dozen
July 10th agradecer,  to be grateful for
July 09th arroba,  at sign
July 08th demorar,  to delay
July 07th coraje,  valor
July 06th norma,  rule; standard
July 05th buzón,  mailbox
July 04th estadounidense,  American
July 03rd exigir,  to demand
July 02nd sendero,  path
July 01st chofer,  driver
June 2019
June 30th inesperado,  unexpected
June 29th paludismo,  malaria
June 28th subrayar,  to underline
June 27th actualmente,  at present
June 26th dibujar,  to draw; to depict
June 25th remitir,  to send
June 24th devolver,  to return; to pay back
June 23rd rutina,  routine
June 22nd fingir,  to feign
June 21st alborada,  dawn
June 20th enlace,  link; liaison
June 19th tarima,  dais, stage
June 18th trámite,  procedure, step
June 17th impedir,  to prevent; to hinder
June 16th voluntad,  will; wish
June 15th proponer,  to propose
June 14th mercancí­a,  merchandise
June 13th angosto,  narrow
June 12th trocar,  to exchange
June 11th flujo,  flow; discharge
June 10th diputado,  delegate
June 09th mentiroso,  lying
June 08th peinar,  to comb
June 07th cansancio,  fatigue
June 06th propina,  tip
June 05th encuesta,  inquiry; survey
June 04th sede,  headquarters; venue
June 03rd supletorio,  additional
June 02nd narrativa,  narrative, story
June 01st derrota,  defeat
May 2019
May 31st cortada,  cut
May 30th caí­da,  fall; collapse
May 29th remolacha,  beet
May 28th semblante,  face; look
May 27th viajero,  traveler
May 26th mareado,  dizzy; queasy
May 25th rifa,  raffle
May 24th mesero,  waiter, waitress
May 23rd ,  farewell
May 22nd seguidor,  follower
May 21st estafa,  swindle
May 20th desamparo,  abandonment
May 19th imprescindible,  essential
May 18th mentir,  to lie
May 17th ausencia,  absence
May 16th fiebre,  fever
May 15th castaño,  brown
May 14th dejado,  slovenly; lazy
May 13th apagar,  to turn off; to extinguish
May 12th camioneta,  light truck
May 11th estofado,  stew
May 10th entorno,  surroundings
May 09th mito,  myth, legend
May 08th palmada,  pat
May 07th decepcionar,  to disappoint
May 06th enojado,  annoyed; angry
May 05th ,  prayer; sentence
May 04th bolera,  bowling alley
May 03rd aprobar,  to approve of
May 02nd cariñosa,  affectionate
May 01st semilla,  seed
April 2019
April 30th abandono,  abandonment; neglect
April 29th ganancia,  profit
April 28th ,  procedure; managment
April 27th bienestar,  welfare; comfort
April 26th pasear,  to take a walk
April 25th tarea,  task; homework
April 24th sofrito,  sautéed
April 23rd pasillo,  hallway
April 22nd hí­gado,  liver
April 21st broma,  joke
April 20th nacer,  to be born
April 19th ,  in agreement
April 18th ausente,  absent
April 17th mayoría,  majority
April 16th bigote,  mustache
April 15th contagiar,  to infect
April 14th ojalá,  I hope so!
April 13th valioso,  valuable
April 12th permanecer,  to remain
April 11th fortalecer,  to strengthen
April 10th portafolio,  briefcase
April 09th orilla,  border; shore
April 08th celador,  guard
April 07th piscina,  swimming pool
April 06th mitad,  half; middle
April 05th venenoso,  poisonous
April 04th huelga,  strike
April 03rd humilde,  humble
April 02nd garganta,  throat; neck
April 01st pronóstico,  forecast; prognosis
March 2019
March 31st derrota,  defeat
March 30th cumplir,  to accomplish
March 29th ambiental,  environmental
March 28th barraca,  hut; booth
March 27th aguantar,  to withstand; to hold
March 26th actitud,  attitude; posture
March 25th marisco,  shellfish
March 24th rodilla,  knee
March 23rd zanahoria,  carrot
March 22nd aviso,  notice
March 21st suerte,  luck
March 20th estación,  station; season
March 19th protestar,  to protest
March 18th varón ,  man, male
March 17th conseguir,  to get; to achieve
March 16th gritar,  to shout
March 15th placer,  pleasure
March 14th morado,  purple
March 13th acontecimiento,  event
March 12th apartado,  section
March 11th terco,  stubborn
March 10th pensamiento,  thought
March 09th concordar,  to agree
March 08th traducir,  to translate
March 07th mensaje,  message
March 06th alma,  soul
March 05th amplio,  broad
March 04th locura,  insanity; folly
March 03rd esperado,  anticipated
March 02nd susurrar,  to whisper
March 01st mundial,  worldwide
February 2019
February 28th bondad,  goodness, kindness
February 27th melocotón,  peach
February 26th mirlo,  blackbird
February 25th usuario,  user
February 24th chiflar,  to whistle
February 23rd corriente,  common; current
February 22nd cicatriz,  scar
February 21st cima,  peak
February 20th sospechar,  to suspect
February 19th vergüenza,  disgrass; embarassment
February 18th quebrar,  to break
February 17th sepulcral,  sepulchral; gloomy
February 16th incitar,  to incite
February 15th emprendedor,  enterprising
February 14th tierno,  affectionate, tender
February 13th bota,  boot
February 12th hipo,  hiccups
February 11th entrega,  delivery; installment
February 10th perjuicio,  harm
February 09th pugna,  conflict
February 08th quí­mica,  chemistry
February 07th posición,  position; standing
February 06th búsqueda,  search
February 05th dotado,  gifted
February 04th ,  snack, appetizer
February 03rd logrado,  successful
February 02nd esquivar,  to evade
February 01st red,  net
January 2019
January 31st almohada,  pillow
January 30th contagiar,  to infect
January 29th oveja,  sheep
January 28th obedecer,  to obey
January 27th préstamo,  loan
January 26th inaugurar,  to inaugurate; to open
January 25th código,  code
January 24th bolera,  bowling alley
January 23rd bicho,  small animal, bug
January 22nd explorador,  explorer
January 21st mirada,  look
January 20th escoba,  broom
January 19th pachanga,  party
January 18th señal,  signal, sign
January 17th ,  available
January 16th boda,  wedding
January 15th acontecimiento,  event
January 14th celoso,  jealous
January 13th sonrisa,  smile
January 12th encanto,  charm; spell
January 11th translator,  traductor
January 10th confianza,  trust; confidence
January 09th indagación,  investigation
January 08th burgués,  bourgeois
January 07th encima,  on top; as well
January 06th reflexionar,  to reflect
January 05th ganancia,  profit
January 04th solucionar,  to solve
January 03rd válido,  valid
January 02nd traducir,  to translate
January 01st vaciar,  to empty
December 2018
December 31st lavaplatos,  dishwasher
December 30th pretencioso,  pretentious
December 29th ropa,  clothing
December 28th vestí­bulo,  vestibule
December 27th pobreza,  poverty
December 26th sumiso,  submissive
December 25th cuadra,  city block; stable
December 24th amago,  threat
December 23rd conseguir,  to get; to achieve
December 22nd prestar,  to lend
December 21st posición,  position; standing
December 20th estatal,  state, national
December 19th mareado,  dizzy; queasy
December 18th aparato,  machine; system
December 17th descarado,  brazen
December 16th rebaja,  reduction; discount
December 15th destello,  flash
December 14th renombre,  renown
December 13th sonreír,  to smile
December 12th estancia,  stay; farm
December 11th probar,  to prove; to test
December 10th chistoso,  funny
December 09th regular,  to regulate
December 08th broma,  joke
December 07th cumplimiento,  completion
December 06th tapar,  to cover
December 05th alma,  soul
December 04th horario,  schedule
December 03rd efectivamente,  really
December 02nd miel,  honey
December 01st comerciante,  merchant
November 2018
November 30th amenizar,  to make pleasant
November 29th tonto,  dumb; silly
November 28th grama,  grass
November 27th atrasado,  late
November 26th soleado,  sunny
November 25th nacimiento,  birth; beginning
November 24th alfiler,  pin; brooch
November 23rd cebolla,  onion
November 22nd celador,  guard
November 21st destacar,  to stand out
November 20th pelirroja,  redheaded
November 19th dimitir,  to resign
November 18th ampliación,  expansion
November 17th ajado,  worn
November 16th desear,  to wish
November 15th vuelo,  flight
November 14th amistoso,  friendly
November 13th ciudadano,  civic, city
November 12th terapia,  therapy
November 11th nivel,  level
November 10th fallar,  to fail; to rule
November 09th agradecer,  to be grateful for
November 08th bochorno,  embarrassment; hot weather
November 07th verdadero,  true; genuine
November 06th fábrica,  factory
November 05th secundaria,  high school
November 04th ,  market
November 03rd césped,  lawn
November 02nd medir,  to measure
November 01st prensa,  press
October 2018
October 31st riqueza,  riches
October 30th cazador,  hunter
October 29th descanso,  rest, relaxation
October 28th patético,  pathetic
October 27th licenciado,  graduate; lawyer
October 26th caricia,  caress
October 25th rechazo,  rejection
October 24th imprimir,  to print
October 23rd robo,  robbery
October 22nd etapa,  stage, phase
October 21st asado,  roasted
October 20th enseguida,  right away
October 19th alivio,  relief
October 18th equipo,  team
October 17th consejo,  advice, council
October 16th gozar,  to enjoy oneself
October 15th recuerdo,  memory
October 14th remitir,  to send
October 13th proteger,  to protect
October 12th viento,  wind
October 11th flaca,  thin
October 10th averiguar,  to ascertain
October 09th champiñón,  mushroom
October 08th párrafo,  paragraph
October 07th placer,  pleasure
October 06th libreta,  notebook
October 05th fijo,  firm; permament
October 04th mundial,  worldwide
October 03rd jugo,  juice; substance
October 02nd alejar,  to remove; to alienate
October 01st bondad,  goodness, kindness
September 2018
September 30th ojalá,  I hope so!
September 29th pertenecer,  to belong
September 28th sobresaliente,  outstanding, noteworthy
September 27th puente,  bridge
September 26th consulta,  consultation
September 25th golpeado,  beaten; bruised; dented
September 24th afeitar,  to shave
September 23rd paseo,  stroll; drive
September 22nd tratado,  treatise
September 21st plátano,  banana; plantain
September 20th estadio,  stadium; phase
September 19th cicatriz,  scar
September 18th goloso,  fond of sweets
September 17th requerir,  to require
September 16th vaquero,  cowboy
September 15th chiflado,  nuts, crazy
September 14th subrayar,  to underline
September 13th secundaria,  high school
September 12th heredar,  to inherit
September 11th portavoz,  spokesperson
September 10th averiguar,  to investigate
September 09th traductor,  translator
September 08th añadir,  to add
September 07th conejo,  rabbit
September 06th manejar,  to drive
September 05th bolsillo,  pocket
September 04th hierba,  herb, grass
September 03rd revista,  magazine; revue
September 02nd aplazar,  to postpone
September 01st idóneo,  suitable
August 2018
August 31st genial,  pleasant; brilliant
August 30th esperado,  anticipated
August 29th tarima,  dais, stage
August 28th apio,  celery
August 27th viaje ,  trip
August 26th lanzar,  to throw
August 25th alboroto,  disturbance
August 24th humilde,  humble
August 23rd incendio,  fire
August 22nd impedimento,  impediment
August 21st proyecto,  plan
August 20th dejado,  slovenly; lazy
August 19th desdichado,  unfortunate; unhappy
August 18th lejano,  remote, distant
August 17th comestibles,  groceries
August 16th tumbar,  to knock down
August 15th ansioso,  anxious
August 14th muchedumbre,  crowd
August 13th olor,  smell
August 12th arroyo,  brook
August 11th entrega,  delivery; installment
August 10th maquillarse,  to put on makeup
August 09th choque,  crash; clash
August 08th corriente,  common; current
August 07th pelirroja,  redheaded
August 06th empellón,  shove
August 05th entendible,  understandable
August 04th nieto,  grandson
August 03rd tentar,  to feel; to test; to tempt
August 02nd pasillo,  hallway
August 01st emprender ,  to undertake
July 2018
July 31st criticar,  to criticize
July 30th disquera,  record label
July 29th solitario,  lonely; solitary
July 28th proponer,  to propose
July 27th celda,  cell (of a jail)
July 26th brigada,  brigade; squad
July 25th sorprender,  to surprise
July 24th desigualdad,  inequality
July 23rd pastilla,  pill, tablet
July 22nd gemir,  to moan
July 21st voluntad,  will; wish
July 20th patrón,  boss