voluntad = will feminine noun


feminine noun
feminine noun

English Translation of VOLUNTAD

: will, volition
por propia voluntadof one's own free will
no tiene voluntad propiahe has no will of his own
por voluntad propiaof one's own volition or free will
lo hizo contra mi voluntadhe did it against my will
tienen voluntad de ganarthey have the will to win
hágase tu voluntadThy will be done
le cuesta, pero tiene mucha voluntadit's difficult for him, but he has a lot of willpower or a strong will
no tiene voluntad para dejar de beberhe hasn't the willpower to give up drinking
es una chica con mucha voluntadshe's a very strong-willed girl
hace falta voluntad para escucharlo hasta el finalyou need a strong will to listen to it right through
deseo : desire, wish
su voluntad es hacerse misionerohis wish is to become a missionary
no lo dije con voluntad de ofenderleI did not say it with any wish to offend you
última voluntadlast wish
hace siempre su santa voluntadhe always does exactly as he pleases
a voluntad : at will
se abre a voluntadit opens at will
se puede beber a voluntadyou can drink as much as you like
buena voluntad : good will
lo sugerí con buena voluntadI suggested it with the best of intentions
los hombres de buena voluntadmen of goodwill
mala voluntad : ill will
hay muy mala voluntad contra el presidentethere is a lot of ill will against the president
fuerza de voluntad : willpower

Examples of VOLUNTAD

lo solucionaremos con un poco de buena voluntad with a bit of good will we'll find a solution

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