absoluto = absolute adjective




English Translation of ABSOLUTO

: absolute, unconditional
los nacionalistas lograron mayoría absolutathe nationalists got an absolute majority
tengo la absoluta certeza de que vinoI'm absolutely certain that he came
son de absoluta necesidadthey are absolutely necessary or essential
guardaron el más absoluto silenciothey remained absolutely silent
nunca lo supe con certeza absolutaI never knew for sure
viven en la miseria más absolutathey live in the most abject poverty
existe compenetración absoluta entre los dosthere is a perfect understanding between them
en absoluto : (not) at all
no me gustó en absolutoI did not like it at all
—¿es verdad? —no, en absolutois it true? — "no, absolutely not or no, not at all"
—¿te importa? —en absolutodo you mind? — "no, absolutely not or no, not at all"
esa idea no me atrae en absolutothat idea doesn't appeal to me at all or in the slightest
no dijo nada en absolutohe said absolutely nothing (at all)
no es en absoluto extrañoit is by no means odd
absolutamente adverb

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