and = y conjunction


/ˈænd/ conjunction

Spanish Translation of AND

: y {b}e{/b} {it}before words beginning with i- or hi-{/it}
books and paperslibros y papeles
six and a halfseis y medio
a hundred and tenciento diez
2 and 2 equals 42 más 2 es igual a 4
at (the corner of) First and Mainen la esquina de First y Main
: con
ham and eggshuevos con jamón
in order to : a, de
go and seeve a ver
try and finish ittrata de terminarlo
(indicating continuation)
she cried and criedno dejaba de llorar
(used for emphasis)
hundreds and hundreds of peoplecientos de personas
more and more difficultcada vez más difícil

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