aparte = apart adverb

aparte = separate adjective

aparte = aside masculine noun



English Translation of APARTE

: apart, aside
modestia aparteif I say so myself
aparte de : apart from, besides

Examples of APARTE

se la llevó aparte para contarle sus confidencias he took her aside to confide in her
bromas aparte, ¿qué os parece que me vaya a vivir a El Cairo? joking aside or seriously though, what do you think of me going to live in Cairo?
diferencias ideológicas aparte, perseguimos el mismo fin ideological differences aside, we're after the same thing
la ropa sucia ponla aparte put the dirty clothes to one side
tendremos que considerar eso aparte we'll have to consider that separately
deberías lavar las toallas aparte you should wash the towels separately
aparte, yo ya soy mayorcita para que me manden besides, I'm too old to be bossed about like that
—¿y no paga el alquiler? —sí, eso aparte and he doesn't pay the rent? — "yes, that as well"
300 dólares, aparte impuestos 300 dollars, taxes aside
aparte hay un examen práctico there is also a practical exam

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Sometimes Confused With: aparté (apartar), aparte (apartar)



English Translation of APARTE

Examples of APARTE

guárdalo en un cajón aparte keep it in a different or separate drawer
lo tuyo es un caso aparte you're a special case
capítulo aparte merece la corrupción política another question altogether is political corruption


masculine noun
masculine noun

English Translation of APARTE

: aside (in theater)

Examples of APARTE

hacer un aparte con alguien to take somebody to one side
punto y aparte new paragraph

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