at = en preposition


/ˈæt/ preposition

Spanish Translation of AT

(indicating location) : en, a
at the topen lo alto
at the rearal fondo
at Ann's houseen casa de Ana
is she at home?¿está en casa?
he was sitting at the tableestaba sentado a la mesa
someone is knocking at the doorllaman a la puerta
(indicating the recipient of an action, motion, or feeling)
she shouted at meme gritó
don't look at me!¡a mí no me mires!
he's laughing at youestá riéndose de ti
to be angry at someoneestar enojado con alguien
(indicating a reaction or cause)
he laughed at the jokese rió con el chiste
to be surprised at somethingsorprenderse por algo
at the invitation ofpor invitación de
(indicating an activity or state)
children who are at playniños que están jugando
you're good at thiseres bueno para esto
he's at peace nowahora descansa en paz
at peace/waren paz/guerra
to be at riskpeligrar
(used for the symbol @) : arroba
at merriam-webster dot comarroba merriam-webster punto com
(indicating a rate or measure) : a
at 80 miles an houra 80 millas por hora
they sell at a dollar eachse venden a un dólar cada uno
(indicating an age or time) : a
at ten o'clocka las diez
at age 65a los 65 años (de edad)
at lastpor fin
at it
while we're at itya que estamos (en ello)
they're at it again!¡ya empezaron otra vez!

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