bonito = nicely adverb

bonito = pretty adjective

bonito = bonito masculine noun



English Translation of BONITO

Examples of BONITO

ella canta bonito she sings nicely
se te ve bonito it looks good on you

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English Word: bonito




English Translation of BONITO

Examples of BONITO

María es un bonito nombre María is a pretty name
Amelia tiene una cara bonita Amelia has a pretty face
el pueblo más bonito de Andalucía the prettiest village in Andalusia
es un bebé muy bonito he's a very pretty baby
un hombre bonito a handsome man
¡qué bonito! ¡contestarle así a tu padre! that's nice, answering your father back like that!
¡bonito follón se armó! there was certainly a bit of a row!
lo bonito sería que no hubiera guerras it would be nice if there were no wars
ese cuadro queda ahí muy bonito that picture looks very nice there
el vendedor me lo pintó todo muy bonito the salesman painted me a very pretty picture of it
una bonita cantidad or suma a tidy little sum (familiar)


masculine noun
masculine noun

English Translation of BONITO

: bonito (tuna)

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