cansado = tired adjective




English Translation of CANSADO

: tired
estar cansadoto be tired
lo noto cansado últimamentehe's been looking tired lately
es que nació cansadashe was born lazy
con voz cansadawith a weary voice
estoy cansado de que me hagan siempre la misma preguntaI'm tired of always being asked the same question
estamos más que cansados de tanta corrupciónwe are sick and tired of all this corruption
¡ya estoy cansado de sus tonterías!I've had enough of this nonsense of yours!
estoy cansado de tanto viajarI'm tired of so much travelling
sus amigos, cansados de esperarlo, se habían idotired of waiting, his friends had left
Se sintió cansado y se marchóHe felt tired and left
: tiresome
ser cansadoto be tiring
debe de ser cansado corregir tantos exámenesit must be tiring marking or to mark so many exams
Conducir 140 kms. todos los días es muy cansadoDriving 140 kms every day is very tiring

Examples of CANSADO

Estoy cansado de trabajar I'm tired of working
Estábamos cansados del viaje We were tired after the journey

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Sometimes Confused With: cansado (cansar)

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