cuesta = slope feminine noun


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Sometimes Confused With: cuesta (costar)


feminine noun
feminine noun

English Translation of CUESTA

: slope
cuesta arribauphill
a cuestas : on one's back

Examples of CUESTA

mi casa está al final de la cuesta my house is at the top of the hill
una cuesta empinada a steep slope
bajamos la cuesta corriendo we ran down the hill
ir cuesta abajo to go downhill
me canso más cuando voy cuesta arriba I get more tired when I go uphill
se me hace muy cuesta arriba estudiar tan tarde I find it a struggle to study so late at night
la cuesta de enero period of financial stringency following Christmas spending
siempre va con su guitarra a cuestas he always goes around with his guitar on his back or slung over his shoulder
llevé al niño a cuestas a la cama I carried the child up to bed on my back or shoulders
se recorrieron Europa con la mochila a cuestas they went backpacking all around Europe
se echa todas las responsabilidades a cuestas she takes all the responsibilities on her own shoulders

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