dentro = in adverb



English Translation of DENTRO

adentro : in, inside
por dentroon the inside
estoy aquí dentroI'm in here
María está dentroMaría is inside
allí dentroin there
vamos dentrolet's go in(side)
se fueron para dentrothey went in(side)
mételo para dentro para que quepa en la fundapush it in so that it fits in the cover
dentro de : within, inside, in
dentro de la tiendainside the store
dentro de los límites dewithin the limits of
comimos dentro porque estaba lloviendowe ate inside or indoors because it was raining
dentro de : in, within (a time period)
dentro de pocosoon, shortly
dentro de la casain(side) the house
tenía un pañuelo dentro del bolsoshe had a handkerchief in or inside her bag
lo metió dentro del cajónhe put it in the drawer
ascensos dentro de la empresapromotions within the company
dentro de tres mesesin three months
esto no está dentro de mi competenciathis is not within my area of responsibility
su reacción estaba dentro de lo previstoher reaction was what one might have expected
dentro de todo : all in all, all things considered
llegará dentro de pocohe'll be here shortly
por dentro : inwardly, inside
dentro de todo, me puedo considerar afortunadoall in all or all things considered, I can count myself lucky

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