entero = entire adjective

entero = integer masculine noun




English Translation of ENTERO

enteramente adverb

Examples of ENTERO

se comió el paquete entero de galletas he ate the whole or entire packet of cookies
se pasa el día entero quejándose he spends the whole or entire day complaining
es famoso en el mundo entero he's famous the whole world over
por entero wholly
me dediqué por entero a la investigación I devoted myself wholly or fully to research
un hombre muy entero a man of great integrity
estuvo muy entera durante el funeral she was very composed or she kept her composure during the funeral
está entero a su papá he's just like his dad

Related to ENTERO

Sometimes Confused With: entero (enterar), enteró (enterar)


masculine noun
masculine noun

English Translation of ENTERO

: point (in finance)

Examples of ENTERO

las acciones han subido dos enteros the shares have gone up two points

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