final = final adjective

final = end masculine noun

final = final feminine noun



English Translation of FINAL

: final, ultimate
los años finales de la dictadurathe final years of the dictatorship
finalmente adverb

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English Word: final


masculine noun
masculine noun

English Translation of FINAL

conclusión : end
al finalat the end
estaban deseando ver el producto finalthey were looking forward to seeing the end product
hasta el final de sus díastill the end of her days
no vi el final de la películaI didn't see the end of the film
al final tuve que darle la razónin the end I had to admit that he was right
el anuncio se realizó ayer al final de la reuniónthe announcement was made yesterday at the end of the meeting
al final de la calleat the end of the street
estamos al final de la listawe are at the bottom of the list
la novela tiene un final inesperadothe novel has an unexpected ending
un final feliza happy ending
a finales de mes/año (etc.) : at the end of the month/year (etc.)

Examples of FINAL

a finales del siglo XIX at the end of the 19th century


feminine noun
feminine noun

English Translation of FINAL

: final, play-off
consiguieron pasar a la finalthey managed to get through to the final

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