flor = flower feminine noun


feminine noun
feminine noun

English Translation of FLOR

: flower
a flor de piel : easily noticed or affected
con los nervios a flor de pielwith one's nerves on edge
canta con las emociones a flor de pielher singing is full of emotion
en flor : in bloom
flor de Pascua : poinsettia

Examples of FLOR

un ramo de flores a bunch of flowers
un vestido de flores a floral dress
siempre anda con una sonrisa a flor de labios he always has a slight grin on his face
—¿has oído alguna noticia? —¡ni flores! have you heard any news? — "not a thing"
de libros sé mucho, pero de cocina ni flores I know a lot about books, but I don't know the first thing about cooking (familiar)
de lo prometido, ni flores as for what they promised, not a word was mentioned (familiar)
su amor fue flor de un día their love was short-lived
su triunfo no fue flor de un día his win was no mere flash in the pan
los naranjos en flor the orange trees in blossom or flower
la flor de la harina the finest flour
la flor del ejército the elite of the army
está en la flor de su carrera deportiva he is at the peak of his sporting career
los peces se veían a flor de agua you could see the fish just under the surface of the water
tenía los nervios a flor de piel her nerves were all on edge
tiene la sensibilidad a flor de piel she is highly sensitive
el odio le salía a flor de piel his hatred came out into the open
decir or echar flores a alguien to pay compliments to somebody
flor de caballo a wonderful horse
flor de alegre really happy
¡flor de discurso se mandó! what a brilliant talk he gave!
ajustado a flor flush

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