into = en preposition


/ˈɪnˌtuː/ preposition

Spanish Translation of INTO

(indicating motion) : en, a, contra, dentro de
she got into bedse metió en la cama
to get into a planesubir a un avión
he crashed into the wallchocó contra la pared
looking into the sunmirando al sol
staring into spacemirando al vacío
(indicating state or condition) : a, en
to burst into tearsecharse a llorar
the water turned into iceel agua se convirtió en hielo
to translate into Englishtraducir al inglés
(indicating time)
far into the nighthasta bien entrada la noche
he's well into his eightiestiene los ochenta bien cumplidos
(in mathematics)
3 into 12 is 412 dividido por 3 es 4
familiar, (indicating interest or involvement)
he's really into sportsle ha dado fuerte por los deportes

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