movida = move feminine noun


feminine noun
feminine noun

English Translation of MOVIDA

: move (in a game)

Examples of MOVIDA

un bar en el centro de la movida a bar at the heart of the club scene (familiar)
la movida cultural the cultural scene (familiar)
la movida madrileña the Madrid scene (familiar)
la movida está en la costa the coast is where it's at (familiar)
a mí no me va esa movida I'm not into that scene (familiar) or stuff (familiar)
la movida es que ... the thing is that ...
¡qué movida! ¡ahora tengo que ponerme a trabajar! what a pain! I've got to get down to work now! (familiar)
ese tío anda en movidas raras that guy is into really weird stuff (familiar)
cuando vuelva a casa me espera una buena movida there's going to be real trouble when I get home (familiar)

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