seco = dry adjective




English Translation of SECO

: dry
disecado : dried
fruta secadried fruit
: thin, lean
: sharp
un golpe secoa sharp blow
a secas : simply, just
se llama Chico, a secashe's just called Chico
en seco : abruptly, suddenly
frenar en secoto make a sudden stop

Examples of SECO

tengo los labios secos my lips are dry
las sábanas no están secas todavía the sheets are still not dry
es un calor seco it's a dry heat
no me puedo tragar esto en seco I can't swallow this without water
un cuadro de flores secas a painting of dried flowers
estaban secos todos los geranios all the geraniums had dried up
dame una cerveza, que estoy seco give me a beer, I'm really parched (familiar)
un champán muy seco a very dry champagne
estuvo muy seco conmigo por teléfono he was very curt or short with me on the phone
—no se puede —contestó muy seco can't be done, he replied curtly
oyó el golpe seco de la puerta he heard the dull thud of the door
le dio un golpe seco en la cabeza he gave him a sharp bang on the head
frenar en seco to brake sharply
pararse en seco to stop dead
parar a alguien en seco to cut somebody short
sobrevivimos a base de pan seco we survived on bread alone
para vivir sólo tiene el sueldo seco he has nothing but his salary to live on
no existe la libertad a secas there's no such thing as freedom pure and simple
Gerardo García, Gerardo a secas para los amigos Gerardo García, just Gerardo to his friends
nos alimentamos de pan a secas we survived on nothing but bread
lo dejó seco de un tiro he blew him away (familiar)
cuando me dijo el precio me dejó seco I was stunned when he told me the price
me tienen seco I've had enough of them
a ver todos, ¿al seco? come on everyone, (down) in one!

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Sometimes Confused With: seco (secar), secó (secar)

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