seguido = straight adverb

seguido = consecutive adjective



English Translation of SEGUIDO

recto : straight, straight ahead
vaya todo seguidojust keep going straight on
continúe por aquí seguidogo straight on past here
ese coche iba primero y seguido el míothat car was in front and mine was immediately behind it
: often, frequently
le gusta visitarnos seguidoshe likes to visit us often

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Sometimes Confused With: seguido (seguir)




English Translation of SEGUIDO

consecutivo : consecutive, successive
tres días seguidosthree days in a row
seguidos: cinco días seguidosfive days running or five days in a row
tres blancos seguidosthree bull's-eyes in a row or three consecutive bull's-eyes
llevo dos horas seguidas esperándoteI've been waiting for you for two whole or solid hours
tuvo los niños muy seguidosshe had all her children one after the other
or seguido por, seguido de : followed by
seguido de algo/alguienfollowed by something/somebody
llegó el ministro seguido de sus colaboradoresthe minister arrived, followed by his staff

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