tirón = pull masculine noun


masculine noun
masculine noun
plural tirones

English Translation of TIRÓN

: pull, tug, yank
de un tirón : all at once, in one go
tirón de orejas : slap on the wrist, minor punishment

Examples of TIRÓN

dar un tirón a algo to give something a pull or tug
me dio un tirón del jersey she pulled or tugged at my jumper
le dio un tirón de pelo she pulled his hair
dar un tirón de orejas a alguien to pull or tug somebody's ear
me lo arrancó de un tirón she suddenly jerked it away from me
sufrió un tirón en la pantorrilla he pulled a calf muscle
el tirón es el delito más común bag-snatching is the most common crime
intentó darle el tirón he tried to snatch her bag
leyó la novela de un tirón he read the novel straight through in one go
se lo bebió de un tirón he drank it down in one go
trabajan diez horas de un tirón they work ten hours at a stretch
he dormido toda la noche de un tirón I slept right through the night

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