total = in the end adverb

total = total adjective & masculine noun



English Translation of TOTAL

: in the end, so
total, que no fuiin short, I didn't go
total queto cut a long story short
total, que no fuimosso we didn't go after all
total, que vas a hacer lo que quierasbasically then you're going to do as you please
total, ¿qué más te da?at the end of the day, what do you care?
total, usted mandawell, you're the boss after all

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English Word: total


adjective & masculine noun
adjective & masculine noun

English Translation of TOTAL

: total
una revisión total de su teoríaa complete revision of his theory
una calamidad totala total disaster
el total son 50 pesosthe total is 50 pesos
el total de la poblaciónthe whole (of the) population
en totalin all
en total éramos catorcethere were fourteen of us altogether
totalmente adverb

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